Commercial Stucco Repair

San Diego Stucco Repair is the first name that comes to mind when discussing San Diego stucco plastering contractors. Around the world, stucco has been a popular choice for commercial properties. Stucco can be used to add a little pizzazz to any building.

Stucco is incredibly versatile, with the ability to be applied to walls and other surfaces found inside and outside of buildings. A stucco contractor San Diego will tell you that stucco is durable and fire-retardant, making it an excellent choice for your business.

One of stucco’s other great qualities is it requires minimal maintenance when a professional stucco company San Diego installs it. When wanting stucco repair in San Diego, you can rest assured that we know the various textures and finishes associated with stucco to ensure your business is the best-looking building on the block.

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If your business considers stucco for the interior or exterior of the building, we can help you understand the different application systems and styles related to stucco repair San Diego CA. When your stucco is damaged, it is essential that the stucco repair San Diego matches the original to ensure the best aesthetic look.

When deciding on stucco, you can typically choose from two main types, traditional and synthetic. Traditional stucco is generally made from sand, water, and lime. Today, most stucco is mixed with cement to make it more durable.

Synthetic stucco does not use either lime or cement. It uses an acrylic resin to help prevent moisture damage. This type of stucco dries quickly and evenly. One advantage of synthetic stucco is it can be applied to foam board rather than mesh. The resin also allows for movement, which helps prevents cracks and breaks in the stucco.

As with many products, stucco comes in a variety of finishes also. Two examples of stucco finishes include sand or float and dash. The most popular type of finish for commercial stucco repair San Diego is sand or float. This versatile finish can be placed over either type of stucco and can be applied with one coat.

Dash is another type of stucco finish. This finish can be applied in one to three coats and can be applied onto the building with a light, medium, or heavy volume. It produces a unique look using either traditional or synthetic stucco.

After you have chosen the type and finish of stucco, you will have to decide on the stucco application system. The first type of system is a 1-coat stucco hard coat system. This system includes only a single coat of stucco. The next method is referred to as a 3-coat system, which consists of a water barrier, mesh, scratch and brown, and a finish layer.

The final system is the Exterior Insulation and Finish System or EIFS. This type of system does not use hard coats, and it applies thinner layers. If more information is needed, our expert technicians can explain each of the three types of systems in detail. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.