Residential Stucco Repair

Most stucco companies in San Diego will tell you that stucco can endure for over 100 years if installed correctly. However, this statement does not mean it is impervious to damage. Bird holes and cracks can allow water to enter and lead to damage to the stucco and the underlying surfaces.

Over time, bits and pieces of stucco can become disengaged and break loose from the wood or metal lath it is adhered to. This disengagement can result in loos areas that spread over time. These items can cause a small hole to turn into a more massive breach, which continues to allow water and damage to occur.

It requires a full restoration process for the stucco contractors San Diego CA to fix the loose or gone areas of stucco. This process includes removing the loose areas, adding building paper, installing metal lath, applying the scratch coat, applying the brown coat, and then the final coat.

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The first step our expert stucco contractors San Diego will take is to remove all loose or damaged stucco in the area for repair. He or she will do this by using a hammer and cold chisel. Solid stucco must be along the entire perimeter of the repair area.

Our specially trained experts know not to apply so much pressure to damage the wood lath or sheath underneath the stucco. If the mesh is metal under the stucco, we will cut it during the San Diego stucco repair. Finally, all of the nails and screws will be removed so the lath can be removed.

The next step for our expert will be to add building paper to the patch area. This building paper will help to protect the wood from water by creating a moisture barrier. The next step in this process will be to install the metal lath.

This metal lath will be placed over the building paper and fasten with roofing nails. The next step in stucco repair is mixing the first batch of stucco. Our expert technician will mix this quick-setting repair stucco according to the manufacturer’s label.

This mixture is the first coat in a variety of required layers for stucco repair in San Diego. The first coat is referred to as the scratch coat. This coat is placed directly onto the metal lath. This coat will need to dry between one to two hours before the next layer can be applied.

The brown coat is the second coat and is applied in the same fashion as the scratch coat. The final coat is the color coat. This coat can be a standard or custom-ordered color. This coat is also where the technician will create the desired texture.

After reading this description, some people will think that stucco repair San Diego CA can be done by the homeowner. Our highly-trained and skilled experts have years of experience perfecting each step of the repair process.

Let us handle the worry of matching your base color when fixing damaged areas of stucco. We know how to handle it and can save you time and money. Call us today to find out more about our residential stucco repair process or to schedule an appointment.