Stucco Installation

Stucco contractors in San Diego agree that it is common to use the three-coat process when installing stucco. This process is highly water-resistant and structurally sound, making it a favorite among San Diego stucco contractors.

When you use a three-coat process, you are providing about an inch-thick layer of stucco San Diego on the outside of your home. This thickness provides an excellent protective barrier for physical damage as well as a moisture-resistant barrier.

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled so that they can handle each step of this process. The first step is working with the lath. In this particular San Diego stucco system, our experts will use a lath made of asphalt infused paper, metal mesh, and other items (weep screed, plaster stop, etc.).

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San Diego stucco requires our professional to apply the weep screed and plaster stop as necessary. These items help to prevent the plywood from soaking up any moisture. After these items are used, the underlayment is protected by the asphalt infused paper. If it is made from masonry, you will not need this paper.

Our stucco in San Diego expert will then apply the wire over this paper. This wire looks similar to chicken wire but is different because it allows the cement to adhere to it. After this special mesh wire, our technician will add the corner and arch aid where needed.

The next step is to apply the base or scratch coat, which our expert will use a hawk and trowel and a scratcher to apply it correctly. The cement or stucco is applied to the wall evenly. After it is applied, the expert will use a scratcher to create horizontal lines in cement.

These lines are placed in the base coat, so the next layer (brown coat) will stick to it. When applying the brown coat, our technician will use the same process as the scratch coat, but instead of using a scratch, he or she will use a darby.

A darby is a three-foot-long trowel with two handles. The handles allow the stucco contractors San Diego CA to get a firm grip on it. This tool allows the technician to evenly and uniformly apply the brown coat. The brown coat and the scratch coat are both about 3/8 inch thick.

The final step in this process is the topcoat. Depending upon the type of finish you want, the technician typically uses a hawk and trowel to apply this coat. However, our skilled professionals can customize this coat using a variety of different techniques.

Synthetic or traditional stucco are the two main types of materials used for the topcoat. Each of these types of topcoats comes with various advantages and disadvantages. Our professional installer can help explain these advantages and disadvantages because we are one of the best stucco contractors San Diego.

If you need stucco installation or stucco repair San Diego, we are ready to provide you with excellent craftsmanship and fabulous customer service. Give us a call today to find out about our installation services.